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  • tommyb16 ·
    I saw where you posted on a thread where you might have been interested in helping save a guys Insight but you just bought one. I thought I would offer you by 2002 CVT Insight. I am in Atlanta, Ga. It is physically in great shape, interior and exterior. Problem is the IMA light has come on. I am thinking the battery has finally given up the ghost. Since then the motor has little to no power 0-10 MPH. Once it gets up to speed it seems to run like it always has. I think I could even drive it to you if it might be something you're be remotely interested in. I'd rather not part it out, nor do I have the time for all that. I'd be interested in selling the car for $500. I also have a grid charger for a 1gen Insight and a 2005 Honda civic I would also be interested in selling for another $300 for the set. You can email me at [email protected]
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