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  • parbuster54 ·
    Hi Mike,
    I am purchasing a 06 mt with mima on it. It has two joysticks and the current owner tells me one of the joysticks needs replaced. Do you sell these or have a suggestion as to what and where I should purchase what I need?
    Thanks. Jack
    Raw Knee ·
    Hi Mike...I'm a new member...I've owned my 2001 CVT insight for about a year....I believe I'm the 3rd owner...133K....of course the IMA is acting up....Do you know anyone near Cape Cod that might have a new battery that I can pick up. The two companies that are listed...Bumblebee and Revolt are OR and AZ...any place in this area or a contact person that might be of assistance. Thanks for your time...totally enjoy visiting your sites and blogs. Cheerios, Ronnie
    Small205 ·
    I'm interested in you Grid Charger that you have on 99mpg. How much would it be to get my hands on one of them?
    salisbbm ·
    Hi Mike!
    I am a very new Insight owner (just bought a 2000) and so far I really love the car! I am very mechanically inclined and somewhat electrically inclined and would like to build your Insight grid charger. I have a copy of your drawing and I think it might be the latest revision and was wondering if you could tell me the PN of a few items or where I might buy them?
    The 47 ohm resistor and the 6.8 ohm 5W current indicating LED.
    I bought a Super Brain 989 thinking that I should pull the pack and balance/test the individual cells (which I may still do) but after getting a little better understanding of the Nickel Metal Hydride batteries I think in my case it might be best to go ahead and build a grid charger and use that to balance the individual cells at one time? What do you think???
    Thanks you very much for your time.
    My first 1000 miles I got 64.2MPG then I installed a Rostra cruise control and over the past 300 miles I am now getting 73 MPG!
    randy_hutch ·
    Hi Mike, My IMA light has been coming on. 141,00 MT. Unk if new or replaced battery. I pulled the 12v and brought it up to 20 bars 3 times. Now I'm trying to drive it at least 20 miles a day and ensure it's charged up before shutting it down...huge hit on gas mileage :( I spoke with Better Batter and they said they also sell a grid charger for $200 but only with the better batter. I'm wondering if you are in the works of building more chargers. Randy
    jbudward99 ·
    Hi Mike, It has been a while since we last comunicated. You pointed me in the right direction last time, so I hope you can again. I have a 2001 CVT that auto stop will only work when climate control is shut off. Any suggestions?( Ambient temperature is not the factor, same in 55 degree weather as in 20 degree) Thanks, Bud
    magicallen ·
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    kaypee171 ·
    Hey, Mike. I am a big fan of your work with the Insight. I am very interested in a V Buck/MIMA combo when the time comes. I was wondering about how flexible it is in regards to the input voltage. Specifically, if I came across a Camry Hybrid battery (~250-60 V) or a RX400H battery (288 V as well as more 8.7aH), would it be possible to use one of your V bucks without major/difficult modification? I ask because I ran across some of those on ebay while looking at prius batteries, and in some cases the added storage to added cost ratio was worthwhile.

    Thanks for your time,

    NorthwestIL ·
    Hi Mike! I am still a novice! I am putting off of putting the grid balancer/charger in. But I still want the MIMA when it is available. My name is line 28(I believe) . So please just send something for information or have Rob or whoever let us know how much do they need and on PayPal or a check.
    Thanks again for all you do for us Insight owners to keep our cars on the road. Rich
    NorthwestIL ·
    Hi Mike! Keep up the great work; I am sorry I live so far away and not able to help. But if you see my work you would not want me to help either. Rich
    NorthwestIL ·
    Hi Mike! I have a 2001 Honda Insight 2001 with CVT and AC with 290,000 mikes. I am looking for better mileage and longer auto life.
    Do you have any information that you can share with me? I’m not mechanically inclined at all I still take my car to the dealer to get 0-20 oil put in. (but I checked last time and on the receipt it says they are using 5-20??)
    Thanks! Rich at [email protected]
    Titan ·
    Hi Mike. Do you have a MIMA-C for sale. This is for the CVT I believe? I have an '06 CVT that needs a mpg boost.
    Rush ·
    Mike - Big Bertha looks great, I'm going to be using it soon, rather my pack is... I'm sending it to Ron for the 2nd time. Keep up the good work!
    freezin4 ·
    Hi Mike,
    My name is Pete Rona, and I am visiting in NYC from North Carolina.
    I have never seen MIMA in action, and was wondering if you would be up for having a visitor on Sunday?
    Please let me know.
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