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  • dhotwagner ·
    I've just pulled out my driver's side power window regulator after it's 50,000 mile agonizing burnout due to a faulty switch that would get stuck down, constantly cranking 12V into the poor motor. (At least I assume that's what happened - the motor is still getting power and makes no attempt to move with the switch - checked with voltmeter.) I have a new regulator on the way and I don't want the new one to burnout due to my faulty switch. I've seen your posts and your video and I'm wondering if you have any extra parts laying around that I can buy from you. I'm most interested in the window switch parts, but I'd also be interested in the rear hatch actuator (went out about 40k miles ago). I also saw that you've pretty much stopped making the parts due to lack of demand, so if I'm off base in asking, just let me know and I'll try another route or just suck it up. Regardless, thanks for the advice on the forum. Let me know if you're interested in selling
    ericf2009 ·
    Hi Mudder,

    Yes, I have the "whirring hatch lock" problem. It's become critical since we got a new dog that's terribly eager to hop in and gets her paw in there JUST as she bumps our hand off the edge so it slams down on her!

    I'll gladly buy two at [email protected] Hope I can figure out how to install it. How do we make the deal? I can mail you a check, or email you a paypal payment. In case this messaging system hides my email, it's ericf2009-at-gmail-dot-com.

    Eric Foster
    Oakland, CA (Not sure yet how this msg system works, so not including my address yet. I'll send it by regular email.)
    Thor ·
    Hey Mudder - It's me, Thor..... I will mail you my defunct switch for autopsy, just let me have a mailing address. No cost for shipping, as this 3-D printing thang might benefit me in the future. Wouldn't hurt to have a trunk switch on the shelf for when that part breaks......

    Thanks, Randy Bergum, 2000 MT
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