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    Hello Owners that are looking for increase is MPG we will like to introduce a product that will restores engine compression and increases fuel economy 4.2 to 21% in addition please view the other benefits

    Active STM-3® with Carbon Guard

    Restores Fuel Economy* 4.2 to 21 % as Tested

    Reduces Emission Gases (92% EPA certified Test)

    Reduced maintenance, increased equipment life

    Cleans Carbon Deposits within your engine

    Reduced Engine Vibration and Noise (Harmonics)

    Stops cold start problems. (Tested to -40 Deg.)

    Lowers Operating Temperatures

    Seals and Protects Metal Parts from Wear & Deposits

    Does not contain PTFE or Chlorinated Paraffin.

    Cerma is 100% active ingredients.

    Cerma is 100% Organic.

    All Cerma Products are Fully Insured. All above information is based on 10 years of Real Data. 239-3449861
    Slippery ·
    Thanks. I'm guessing that I would need to copy one of the charging harnesses, and that it would not power the battery fan? Would I be able to change the or vary the amperage of the PS 250? I see that most are charging at 350mA, but sometime go up to 1A
    Slippery ·
    You mentioned in an older post about purchasing a hoefer ps250 power supply. Have you been able to use it as a grid charger? I need to get a grid charger, and this looked like a viable option. In the meantime I'm sorting through homemade charger designs so I can build one instead of paying for a pre-built one. Thanks, Don
    element6 ·
    I bought mine on yahoo auctions japan and used Japamart to broker it for me. It was just a test because I am planning on buying a few other things from Japan and needed to test a broker. I wouldn't recommend going this way though. Check the double DIN thread for more info.
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    Good tools to help find an Insight. Try AutoTempest - Find your next car... Faster.
    Or if you have an android check android mark for craigsearch and you can search multiple cities at once. If you have questions on what too look for when buying let me know I have a few pointers and this site had a lot of information too. Also might need to consider to fly some where to buy and drive home. I almost did and last minute one came up right in my neck of the woods.

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