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  • IamIan ·
    I have the tools and know how to discharge and charge independently from the car ... I can do so anytime I like , the whole pack , individual cells , etc ... Currently I only do so as a diagnostic / maintenance like activity ... 2 or 3 times a year.
    3-Wheeler ·
    <<As for the grid charger- Do you run a discharge on yours and how often do you run the charger? Thanks for all the info and help. Rich (northwestIL)

    Normally I run a "discharge" on the way to work using MIMA-CL and then trickle charge the battery back up at night.

    However, since this summer, my battery lost quite a bit of capacity from the very hot temps, and continuing to cycle the battery to/from work, and again, trickle charge at night.

    I took the battery out, cycled all the sticks, rebuilt it by replacing one low capacity stick, put it back together, and now the battery is back to it's old capacity.

    I have seen posts from people buying Mike's discharger, and it's probably a great product, but with MIMA and a typical trickle charger, one can cycle the battery and make use of the discharge energy in the car, instead of wasting it heating a lamp in the garage.

    Hope this helps, Jim.
    IamIan ·
    Peter lowered the OBDIIC&C 12V power usage with one of the software upgrades ... I do not recall which specific one off the top of my head.
    Generally speaking you want the latest version of compatible software ... You do not need all versions ... AFAIK , just the latest version... If you have any doubts or issues the two best people to ask are Peter and Eli.
    chisight ·
    This is probably way out of date, but here is the info:
    007 51320-S3Y-003 LINK, R. FR. STABILIZER 33.48 1 Honda Automotive Parts
    008 51321-S3Y-003 LINK, L. FR. STABILIZER 33.48 1 Honda Automotive Parts
    aisbell ·
    Search for "coolant bleed" in the upper left Google search field of the forums. Several of the threads include bleeding instructions and even YouTube films showing the process.
    chisight ·
    I'm going to have to check and need to run off to work right now. hopefully it won't take me another 4 days, sorry for the slow response.
    WIinsight2000 ·
    Hello NorthestIL, I tried emailing you, the email cae back undeliverable. After looking at the additional information on the forum if you were interested let me know, and a I can email you again. Maybe you have a different email?
    Hybrid-Battery-Repair ·
    We are the only company out there repairing the IMA batteries.

    Your car takes a TOTAL of 2.6 quarts of oil if the oil filter is completely drained (ie new) or 2.3 quarts without. I don't know how they managed to fit 3 quarts in there. Also, the car uses 0W20 oil, not 5W20.
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