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  • NorthwestIL ·
    Hi! What is the best way to reset the IMA warning light? I am waiting for the return of my (Still uninstalled ) grid charger and MIMA boards. Thanks! Rich
    jime ·
    I got a couple of e-mails from Mike, and talked to him on the phone once, after I accidently mis-installed the board. He has been telling me that he is still suspicious of the new cables. Mine is working OK, I "think", but I haven't exercised all the functions yet. I may have just gotten lucky with the "new" one he sent to me. He is apparently doing a bunch of testing on the new cables. As he explained it to me, it is the only new element in this batch of new MIMAs. Hope he gets it all sorted out soon. There are apparently some 25 different constructions specs for the DB25 cable.
    jime ·
    Did you get your new MIMA working properly. Mine sees to be ok though I got a p0171 code this morning.
    muffin ·
    Greetings from vancouver!
    I am going to apply for collector plates in 2015 and need to show ICBC how many first gen 2000 was sold on Canada. In a post you said that there is info, but not any sources.

    ICBC | Collector vehicles

    Can you please point me in the right direction?

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