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  • minor4326 ·
    Hi Sam. 2 things:
    Thank you icon on posts
    Question: I've contacted Ericbecky suggesting the price for InsightFest was a bit high, thinking this was a non-profit event. He told me it was not a non-profit. Can you comment please?
    Kapunui ·
    Hi, you replied to my post about my insight stuck in LA. I was wondering if you could tell me more about the group of insighters in Colorado?
    RdRunner ·
    Hi Rainsux (Sam)- Thank-you, for your knowledgeable advice! I will try the search avenues, that you have suggested. Kind Regards, RdRunner (Steve)
    RdRunner ·
    Hi Rainsux-I'm a new member to IC and "60 mpg_guy mentioned that you may have, (or know where to locate), a NOS Citrus hood emblem. It seems to be made of "Unobtainium", the rarest of all parts... Thanks, so much for your help! Best Regards, RdRunner
    Littlecars ·
    Add "Littlecars plug in armrest" to your car's listed specs, eh? And how do I have that little blurb of whatever attach to my posts?
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