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  • 705Steve ·
    Hi Rick, I was at your place last week, met Andrew also, and I must thank you for your introduction to the Insight world. As I mentioned, I'm in the market to buy an insight. The car you offered for 5500 seems reasonable but cost is an issue for me so I've been searching. I found one for around 3000 that appears good (haven't seen it as it's a distance away) and may settle an agreement on that-unless you have something else to offer?
    You can reach me at [email protected] or 705-890-2070
    jacrider ·
    Ok, let me see what a repaint will cost.

    I work not too far (north Brampton) and could arrange to come up. I am out of town next week, but back mid the following week.

    SLO6-O ·
    Driver's side tail light? Condition? Price?

    Are you saying no underbody panels?

    Thanks, John (952) 564-8017
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