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  • Gasoline Fumes ·
    I'm in Wolcott. Rochester and Syracuse both have major airports. Both are about the same distance from me. It'll probably make it to SC, but I can't guarantee it. I was driving it earlier this year without any major issues, I only parked it because of the very-expired temporary inspection sticker. I guess my main concern would be that it stops charging the 12v battery when the IMA light comes on. The IMA light never came on when I was using the car, it only happened after it sat for a few weeks. And is easy to reset. So it might not be an issue on the road, but who knows?
    originalbadbob ·
    Hi Rick, I haven't been on here in about a year. Just got too busy with a different job. If you still need some help with anything, let me know.
    My car hit 250,000 miles today and I still am milking the brakes. I have new rotors and pads, but was hoping to get to 250,000 on the originals.
    My number is 864-497-8911
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