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  • jime ·
    Got mine and having fun. It is a bit klugy, particularly in size, but the features are great. Being tall, I velcro it to the dash above radio and get little obstruction.

    I'm interested in a two things right now.
    1. I want to do the performance testing that Eli and Peter are doing to baseline my "new" battery pack.
    2. I want to learn how to do the rejuvination cycle, deep discharge followed by overcharge, that Mike's grid charger allows. I ordered one of the new MIMAs, but still a bit unsure I'll install it. Otherwise I have to wait for Mike to get the circuitry sorted out to do the "safe discharge."

    Right now I'm just doing normal grid charges because I don't have a means to deep discharge safely. It has occured to me that I should perhaps just do a 80% discharge (agressive IMA assist) followed by a normal grid charge, and then performance test that. Thusly, I could save the radical stuff until I start seeing symptoms of "weekness."

    What you think of those strategic options?
    jime ·
    Hey Sean, caught you over here on IC. I ordered a prebuilt OBDIIc&c also. Kinda a chance, but the ScanGauge is kinda lightweight on a Gen1.
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