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  • luvmyinsight ·
    Hi Rush, I apologize for not getting back sooner. I was locked out of the site and finally got through to someone who sent me a valid link to reset and get back in. Its been so very frustrating not being able to post or reply. I have been reading all the posts keeping up with what's happening. Its great to meet a fellow Tucson insight owner. I live in rincon country west rv park on mission and ajo. There are other insights in town, I have seen them in my travels. It would be great to start our own chapter here in Tucson. My car is still going strong at 196 thousand plus miles. I take it to Dobbs Honda because my service team knows my car inside and out. I am so glad you reached out to me, thank you. Beverly Bishop.....luvmyinsight
    retepsnikrep ·
    Hi Rush

    You will have to post on the forum as i don't know the answers to your questions.
    Lots of other members will help with accident experiences etc.

    Regards Peter
    ericbecky ·
    If you mean the Green Drive Expo we actually are not doing that show any longer.
    2012 was the last year.
    Focusing on hybrid battery repair and service.
    donsantiago ·
    Hi, my name's Jim and i also live in Tucson. i have a 2000 Citrus MT i bought new. it's on it's 4th battery, all under warranty. IMA came on last week after typical slew of recals. unhooked 12 volt and now no IMA or recals for a week, with SOC topped off and trying not to use assist. my registration is up next September and i'm trying to determine a plan of action. any advice on grid chargers or which model to get? there's Re-Volt in Phoenix for a new battery, which would be a last resort. i don't mind bypassing the IMA but would need another plan come emissions time. i thought i'd check with people here in the southwest before deciding what to do. i really like my car and am committed to it and want to keep it going. any advice would be greatly appreciated. Jim 401-9782
    gilbertguy ·
    Hey, I tried to get a couple of folks to meet at the Pavilions in Scottsdale, they have a car gathering there every Saturday night but I was the only one. Would love to have all of the Tuscon/Phoenix Insight owners meet in Casa Grande some Saturday for lunch. Good to see you back on the furum.

    gilbertguy ·
    Rush, I see you are in Tuscan, I'm trying to get to know other people here in AZ with an Insight. I'm up near Phoenix in the East valley in Gilbert. Would you mind if I send you a friend request. If I can find enough guys would like to try and all meet for coffee some Saturday.

    penguinguy ·

    I read your post about your battery starting to fail. I recieved the P1447/9 recently and wanted to get an idea on some options. I noticed you had your batteries refurbished. Can you tell me more about the options.

    Thank you

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