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  • GolanIV ·
    Hey Tim, The battery is doing very well. I'm still very gentle on it as always and have hit 80% cutout on regen-braking several times. Tax time refund I might build a dummy charger like we talked about for top-offs. Sorry for the delay, haven't been checking the forum lately.
    sburnaman ·
    Hi Tim,

    We had to unexpectedly put the Insight in the shop to figure out why it's misfiring in all three cylinders, so sorry I haven't contacted you yet. We're weighing our options on what to do with this car now. We might be selling it since it could cost us a good bit of money to fix it, or we might keep it around as a hobby car. Dealership shop told us that it needs all three fuel injectors replaced and the valves reconditioned (for $1600. . .), and then there's still the IMA issue. I appreciate your input on grid charging. Don't know yet if we'll try the grid charge; we might just look into replacing the IMA if we decide to keep the car.

    sburnaman ·
    Hi Tim,
    We have a 2000 Insight that's giving us a P1447 code, so we assume that the IMA pack needs charging. Would you have time to check it out for us?
    Thank you! Mike in Austell 678-462-3211
    GolanIV ·
    Hey Tim I will be delayed picking the car up. Will most likely be by tomorrow Morning/Noon for pickup. Will be leaving cash for the service. Feel free to call me if you need to.
    woodstockinsight ·
    Morning Tim,

    I have a 2000 Insight that has been sitting for 18 months. Charged the regular battery and get nothing so assume the big battery is done. It was a rebuilt battery bought maybe 4 years ago. Can I contact you or can you call me at 770-680-3421. Thanks Jon I'm in Woodstock, GA
    atlkenny ·
    Top of the morning TopFuelTim. I live in Douglasville and just purchased an 2000 Honda insight from a friend. He has informed me to the best of his knowledge on the cars past history. Before selling the farm for a down payment on a new IMA pack I would like to possibly talk with you about the charge/discharge process and all that is needed from me to begin. Thank you for your time, atlkenny (new insight member) [email protected]
    Jim P ·
    Hi Tim
    I am a new Insight owner (2000 silver MT) in Flowery Branch.
    My Insight is currently at Mr Transmission in Buford and they can't find out why it shudders during take off, especially in reverse. Would you be willing to test drive it and share your opinion? I would also like to talk to you about future mods; Mikes Grid charger, Generation 2 MIMA ...
    Feel free to call me @678-687-0596. Thanks Jim...
    macarose ·
    Hi Tim. Hope all is well.

    To be frank, I have no idea how old the IMA is on this model. When I got it back in 2009, the battery would go down no more than about two bars from the top.

    By last year it was going down to about the 3/4 mark. But I also was only driving it about once a week due to my work.

    Would there possibly be a chance that I could come by sometime and see how long the IMA battery would last with a good grid charge? I would be happy to pay you. I just don't want to chase good money after bad. If it works I already have Mike's number and I will definitely be another one of his customers.

    Feel free to reach me at (770) 262-9880. All the best!
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