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  • lacertus ·
    Hi Mark;
    Thanks for posting the info about the spat cutout, and the links to the wheel spacers and shock replacements.
    Very nice post on the spats (although I personally won't do it)!
    linkrod ·
    HI: My name is Ron Link and I would like to ask you a question. In Paralleling the IMA batteries I notice that you connected the additional battery postive lead at the point after the current sensor and before the HV relay I would like to hook up the additional battery to the postive and negative posts on the Insight battery directly (on top of Insight battery). I'm not sure why this wouldn't be a good location (very convient) the current sensor wouldn't read the additional amperage and the top posts wouldn,t be energized until the additional battery HV relay operates. I know you have done a lot of work in this area and I would appreciate your thoughts on this connection Idea. Also I'm assuming that you had no problems adding a second HV relay to the existing circuit for the original HV relay ( circuit can produce double the amperage for the second relay)? THANKS---RON
    mn1stgencvt ·
    need rear -lower -bumper 01' insight with side clips and lower ones..? silver color if any possibility. Not whole bumper but lower wrap round ..? majestic has them for 64 plus 5 handling plus shipping.
    rhdinsight ·
    We have got the turbo kit running good had to add a 4th injector, I am getting about 5 more mpg, with 5 pounds of boost. I would love to talk, my number is 801-787-3351 and my name is Drew. Sorry i did not back to you sooner all my computers went down and just got one back.
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