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Welcome to the Honda Insight Owners' Central.

The Insight Community Community
The online forum offers Insight owners and enthusiastes an advertisement free community. Community
Owners' Web Sites
An index of personal web pages setup by Insight owners.
Owners & Their Experiences
Owner Profiles & Modifications
Owners & their Insights
Audio system upgrades
Cargo carrying
Cruise controls
Tips & other Improvements
Insight Owners' Registry
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Reference Materials

Insight Ambassadorship
Are you always getting asked about the Insight? We've got the answers. Knowledge Base
Maintenance info, evaluating the Insight, driving tips and much more...

Interactive Encyclopedia
Practically everything you ever wanted to know about the Insight

Tax Incentives and Information
Current tax incentives and deductions for Insight owners.

Official Brochures
Insight brochures and materials from around the world.


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