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10 Rocker Pillars Floor & Exterior Moulding Clips Compatible with Honda 91503-S3Y-003

$21 USD
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Rocker, Pillars, Floor & Exterior Trim Moulding Clip With Sealer White Nylon Top Head Size: 11mm x 13mm Bottom Head Size: 15.5mm x 19mm Stem Diameter: 12mm Stem Length: 19mm Compatible With Honda: 91503-S3Y-003 Insight 2006 - 2000 10 Per Package

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Dakine mentioned in Cheaper roof pillar clips

Thanks for the info TalonMike! The Amazon seller is Clips and Fasteners. You can find many reasonably priced clips and fasteners on this site by typing the Honda part number in ... more

atikovi mentioned in Wet Seatbelt

Anybody try the clips sold on amazon at 10 for $21 with shipping: 10 Honda Rocker Pillars Floor & Exterior Moulding Clips: Automotive

TopFuelTim mentioned in Wet Seatbelt

Yes I have, they work great. Actually found out about them here on the forum. Clips and Fasteners are a good company. My 0.02 worth, Tim Glover

satchel mentioned in Wet Seatbelt

Not all of the clips are the same as these. I believe there are at least three different ones. The video on youtube shows the clips easily cut off with a utility knife then you ... more
Most recent info I found was this - 91513-SM4-000 - has a tab that would need to be cut off but is half the price 91503-S3Y-003 is the oem part for $15 per 10 on Ebay OEM parts ... more

bluesight mentioned in InsightFest 2016

Already placed the orders. But it is really easy for someone else to do more: 2 sets of these (10 each, total 20): [link] and 2 each of these: PILLAR MOLDING CLIP | Genuine Honda ... more
10 Rocker Pillars Floor & Exterior Moulding Clips Compatible with Honda 91503-S3Y-003 10 Rocker Pillars Floor & Exterior Moulding Clips Compatible with Honda 91503-S3Y-003 : Automotive Buy these X2. Remove roof moulding, perform wet seat belt fix.
Thanks for this link. From watching a couple of wet seatbelt fix videos on youtube, isn't there one clip on each side that's different than the others? Also, I recall one video removes the trim by cutting the clips with a utility knife while the trim is still connected to the roof. Is there not another way to do this? Won't ... more
I dont have the link, but the clips are available on amazon for much less. Here is one option [link] $16.00 + $5.00 shipping for 10 clips. Compared to nearly $10 apiece through ... more

Transit mentioned in Windshield Replacement

Clips Once we know the exact part numbers we need, It' quicker to find info. Even Amazon sell this kind of clips: 10 Honda Rocker Pillars Floor & Exterior Moulding ... more

Balto mentioned in roof trim...

Someone replaced the windshield and used window glue, instead of the proper clips, to hold it down. This results in a 100% blow off chance unfortunately. Here is what you need, however they are out ATM. They restock every so often. 10 Rocker Pillars Floor & Exterior Moulding Clips Compatible with Honda 91503-S3Y-003 ... more

timdaw mentioned in Wet seatbelts

My advice - Don't bother with silicone sealing of the edges of the roof trim. It won't last long, you will have to do it again and again, and it will get messier and more difficult ... more

Peterboat mentioned in Wet seatbelts

The stuff I have used isnt what you think it is, its a very runny liquid used for sealing boat windows, it does really well and seams to have worked on the roof, but as always ... more
i'm in the exact same boat as you as of last week. it seems the driver side trim is extra rare. there are usually passenger sides on ebay but never a driver's side. these are the ... more
Don't have that kind of money now, I'll wait and do it once I get home, not much rain there, but it does still rain in Vegas. Thanks for the link, it will eventually come in handy.

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