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12V 2A Power Supply Adapter, SANSUN 120VAC to 12VDC Transformer with 5.5x2.1mm DC Output Jack, 12 Volt 2 Amp Power Supply for LED Module LED Strip Light (1pcs)

$8 USD
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12V 2A Power Supply, 24 Watt Max Wattage. Enough power to run one roll 16.4ft of 300 Units 3528 LED strip. However, can NOT go up to 16.4ft of 600 Units 3528 or 16.4ft of 300 Units 5050, the consequences of hooking too many LEDs would be overheating and flicker failure. 4FT Output Cable with a Standard 5.5 x 2.1mm DC jack, Central Positive(+), Outer Negative(-). Easy Installation, Free Get a Female Terminal Connector, no soldering no electrician or electrical experience required. Used for LED Strip Lights, LED table lamp and 12V DC devices. [IMPORTANT] It's NOT a Charger, please check before buying.

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mudder mentioned in The poor man's grid charger

What you wrote is Honda's official recommendation for charging the IMA pack... it's in several service bulletins. It's not an ideal method, though, as it was more meant to recharge the pack after the car had been sitting on the lot for a long time (because nobody wanted them). However, I must point out that you can build ... more

WillS mentioned in The poor man's grid charger

It's also in the Service Manual, at least for the 2006 HCH2. Dealers were recommended that method, every 30 days for honda hybrid cars on their lots. For a new pack it is an OK way to check the packs (SoC), and since the ECU's were still factory fresh, little variation in IMA behavior to deal with, either. Thanks for the ... more

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