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12V Plug in Car Battery and Charging System Tester, Test Battery Condition & Alternator Charging (LCD Display)

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【Checking Your battery's and charging system (alternator) health】 Easily plugs into any DC 12 Volt cigarette lighter plugs,If you doubt your battery's health plug it in and get detailed readings. 【LCD DISPLAY】 Shows the measured voltage with a bar graph to indicate batteries charging level 【PIVOTING HEAD】Swivel head makes it easy to read. It also allows adjustment to avoid hitting with the shifter . 【POCKET SIZE】The small size makes it handy and practical. 【WARRANTY】- We stand behind all our TN TONNY products. We give 1 year GUARANTEE for our

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Willie Williford mentioned in 1st Gen dead battery

Looks Ok to me. You won't be charging the 12V battery at idle or above 4K rpm. Get a voltmeter that plugs into the access. socket and check the charging rate. When using the starter, ... more
Get one of these, or similar type for monitoring the 12V battery. [link]
Get something like this for 12v monitoring if you are concerned.: [link]
Get one of these and check the voltage while running. [link]

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