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3/4 in. Ball Joint Separator

$20 USD
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This ball joint separator eliminates the hassle of removing ball joints from your car! The durable heat-treated steel construction of this ball joint separator fits a wide range of domestic and imported FWD vehicles for repair. Features include a removable pin to fit into two pivot points for versatility. This high quality ball joint separator is essential for auto mechanics and car enthusiasts to easily loosen and remove ball joints for replacement and repair! Fits many domestic and imported front wheel drive vehicles Removable pin fits into two pivot points for versatility Durable heat-treated steel construction Opening is 3/4 in. Accepts a 3/4 in. socket or wrench

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eq1 mentioned in Removing friction from steering system

fyi, I bought one of these and it worked great on the tie rod end, haven't tried it on the control arm ball joint but it will probably work the same: 3/4" Forged Ball Joint Separator
I ordered one of these: Abn Universal Ball Joint Separator | eBay _____________________________________ Results of putting the extra fender washers on the car for a total of a ... more

JuiceMcGoose mentioned in Swapping engine pics/tips

I use something like this for ball joints. Makes it a breeze to seperate them without harming the boot or the brutal pounding on them. 3/4" Forged Ball Point Joint Separator

bluesight mentioned in GAZ rear shocks with GC's...

Take Two Started all over today. Checked with GC on the urethane hats and we decided that cutting off the top might work OK. So I did. Then I slimed them (with water ski boot slime) ... more

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