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7/8 in. Oxygen Sensor Socket

$8 USD
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This oxygen sensor socket removes the 7/8 in. oxygen sensor on most foreign and domestic vehicles. Designed with a cut-away slot, the oxygen sensor socket can be used without disconnecting the sensor. Constructed from durable drop forged chrome vanadium steel for rigorous use. Removes the 7/8 in. oxygen sensor on most foreign and domestic vehicles Cut-away slot gives clearance for wire connection Drop-forged chrome vanadium steel Black oxide finish

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It's on top of the block basically (actually the exhaust manifold). You may want to get the special tool to remove it, Harbor Freight is selling them for under $10: oxygen-sensor-socket ... more

tryingbe mentioned in Torque app and lean burn

Are you using this tool? 7/8 in. Oxygen Sensor Socket
Actually you are confirming what Art speculated about. If your expansion tank is empty it means there is already air in the system , the proper way of bleeding is explained in ... more
How would that make any sense for the expansion tank to be full when the car's been parked and off for hours? If the expansion tank was full when everything is cool then how could ... more

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