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Advanced Batteries: Materials Science Aspects

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Storage and conversion are critical components of important energy-related technologies. "Advanced Batteries: Materials Science Aspects" employs materials science concepts and tools to describe the critical features that control the behavior of advanced electrochemical storage systems. This volume focuses on the basic phenomena that determine the properties of the components, i.e. electrodes and electrolytes, of advanced systems, as well as experimental methods used to study their critical parameters. This unique materials science approach utilizes concepts and methodologies different from those typical in electrochemical texts, offering a fresh, fundamental and tutorial perspective of advanced battery systems. Graduate students, scientists and engineers interested in electrochemical energy storage and conversion will find "Advanced Batteries: Materials Science Aspects" a valuable reference.

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Charts updated. Pack pulled from car (HCH2, IMA light) Pack charged for 24 hr at 350mA (hit peak and held for ~3 hours) Pack discharged with 500W halogen to 132V, time, voltage ... more
It's not the reversal, it's the discharge below the necessary voltage to consume the capacity at the voltage depressed level that restores capacity. Huggins suggests that key levels ... more

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