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Amazon Basics Silver Weatherproof Car Cover - PEVA with Cotton, Sedans up to 160"

$41 USD
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Weatherproof car cover provides a universal fit; works with almost any sedan up to 160 inches long; protects against outdoor elements, like damaging UV rays, dust, dirt, wind, rain, snow, ice, and tree debris Multi-functional PE, PEVA, aluminum film, and cotton material (PE and EVA for waterproof and dustproof protection, aluminum film for sun and UV protection, and a soft cotton lining for scratch protection) Sewn-in elastic band (front and rear of the cover) ensures a snug fit; fastening straps with adjustable buckles (front, middle and rear of the cover) ensure extra-secure placement, even on windy days 2 mirror pockets for optimal coverage; door zipper for easy in/out access on the driver’s-seat side; 6 reflective stripes for clear visibility after dark Bag included for neat, compact storage of the cover when not in use; backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty; note: please pay attention to size before purchasing

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Washed and covered it for a few days of brutal sunlight while I drive a different car. I've been using this car cover for about a year, it fits perfectly and can really save your car from paint and clear coat damage, not to mention damage to all those plastic trim pieces that deteriorate. You want the 160" one, it has a ... more
I've bought 2 of these, one for each of my G1 Insights, $35 shipped and very nice, 3 buckles underneath which you want, door access via zipper, and a perfect fit and I mean perfect. ... more
Jeffffej, Many thanks for your rapid response. Are those silver covers (see below) breatheable? Amazon Basics Silver Weatherproof Car Cover - PEVA with Cotton, Sedans ... more
Glad to help. I guess breathable is a relative term. I would not leave any car covered too much, I've talked with some paint and body experts and they say that bad clearcoat can ... more

jeffffej mentioned in Jeff's 2001 build thread

I hope these updates are of benefit to other owners in the future. Today I did 3 things with the Insight: 1, hung out with a buddy who has a Citrus...we drove each other's cars...after ... more

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