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Battery Tender Engine Start Battery: Lithium Motorcycle Battery with Smart Battery Management System (BMS) - 12V 2.5 AH 150 CCA Lightweight Scooter and Motorcycle Starting Batteries - BTL09A150CW

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HIGH PERFORMANCE: Reliably start your vehicle and turn on the lights, radio and other motorcycle electronics in all temperatures and climates with our high powered LiFePO4 engine start 12v battery GET SMART: A built in protection circuit board prevents overcharging, discharging and overdrain; when overcharge or over discharge is detected, the BMS shuts off the battery to avert permanent damage SAFETY FIRST: Engineered to be safer, our battery is equipped with a protection circuit board, water resistant casing, and fire retardant coating that supports high current flow for thermal protection LIGHTWEIGHT, INCREASED EFFICIENCY: Environmentally friendly and weighing just 1.76 lbs, our economically sized battery increases fuel efficiency and provides a higher capacity while lasting longer SPECS: Our 12v lithium battery measures 4.49 x 2.80 x 3.27" with a 2.5 aH battery capacity, 150 CCA and 32 watt hours, and includes an activation switch on the Quick Disconnect Cable to activate charging

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S Keith mentioned in What lithium 12v battery to buy

Lithium is a great solution as it doesn't give a shit if you store it at a lower state of charge. In fact, they last longer if you keep them off the top. [link]
Its accesory power not parasitic. So im thinking this battery any other recommendations? [link] Or maybe this is better value [link]

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