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Belltech 4923 Bump Stop Kit

$41 USD
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Fit type: Vehicle Specific The urethane bump stops provide a pad to stop suspension travel in case of a severe overload All our bump stops come with threaded studs for easy bolt-in installation Protecting your low rider from bottoming out takes the added padding of a Belltech Bump Stop Kit.

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eq1 mentioned in Identifying rear springs

Whatever you guys do/get for springs, get big MCU bump stops. I use these and they seem to work well: [link]

eq1 mentioned in Lowering springs

You might want to be careful with this approach. The stock bump stops are taller than they need to be, with stock rear shocks at least, but the shocks themselves don't have a ton ... more
hmm, that looks kind of scary to me. It seems like you reduce your spring travel to a total of 2, maybe 2 1/2 coils? Once you use up that travel distance, the spring rate basically goes to infinity, as the spacers quickly compress to the max and everything else is bottomed-out... In any event, if you end up with problems ... more

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