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Bluetooth Car Adapter, Yomikoo Car Stereo AUX USB Adapter with Wireless Hands-Free Receiver Compatible with Honda Accord CRV Odyssey Pilot S2000 Acure CL MDX

$58 USD
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Built-in bluetooth 5.0 and Build-in high performance mic and clip-on design, for your clear hands-free calling and safe driving. Support Steering Wheel Control and Radio Panel Control, for your cosy driving.Grounding noise is caused by ground loops which happens when the audio source and the speaker use the same power source Connet via car radio CD changer port,avoid FM sigal noise interference.Bulit-in premium Bluetooth chip transfers CD quality sound.Echo and noise reduction technology for non-stop clear call conversation & dynamic music streaming experience. 3.5 mm standard AUX function, you can enjoy music from all AUX portable device,like iPod,Mp3,PSP etc. Extra USB function for charging your phone and enjoy your long time journey Plug & play. Installed via OEM CD changer port, integrated with the car.Connected via CD changer port without interference or loss of sound quality.

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I put the OEM radio back in, and quite frankly find that it sounds better than the aftermarket radio that was in the car when I bought it. Since I like the sound, I went ahead and bought this doodad which gives me bluetooth and aux when I press the TAPE/CD button. It works fine, but it seems there's a constant white noise ... more
Nope, that one won't work; it is for a newer Civic (2006+ I think) and the connector is wrong. Look for one that works in, say, 2001-2004 Civics which has the same CD changer connector as the Insight's radio. I am pretty sure this is what you need: [link] You will note that it lists only the 2000-2003 Insight as compatible. ... more
Here is an even better one. @EggEnjoyer has this one, and I have their aux only one. [link]
Yaaay thanks so much happy this has all the options I'm assuming the USB is for power and sound lmk if its not. Also assuming that I'll need the blue connector [image] Looks so much easier then opening up the radio to solder a Bluetooth module. Thanks so much !!!
Hello everyone I know it's been a while. I wanted to share my results with this adapter. Had it for a few months It works pretty well. As soon as I turn the car on it connects to my phone. I love that the skip pause and play features on the radio itself are retained ie I can pause on the radio and it will pause the music ... more

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