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Current weight: 1746lbs (135lbs reduced from factory).

IMA battery completely deleted, gasoline only.

Bought with 254K miles for $1500. Mechanically perfect. 99% rust free for being a Michigan car. 1 owner except for the guy I bought it from owned it for 1 week and didn't like it. Has none of the common issues with Insights - no oil leak, no transmission grind, no wet seatbelt issue, almost no rust, rear hatch works, power locks and windows work. Body needed a little bit of work - a little bit of the paint in some areas was scuffed and needed retouching (mostly fixed). Driver's mirror was bondoed on (since removed). Front pumper is pitted and I am hoping to repaint or replace it eventually (partially touched up).

254,800 - valves adjusted, new 12V battery installed
255,000 - ground straps replaced
255,500 - brighter reverse LEDs installed
256,000 - panoramic rear view mirror installed
256,100 - passenger mirror deleted
256,200 - smaller driver's side mirror installed
256,300 - license plate light replaced with LED
256,400 - Regen switch wired up and rear belly pan installed
256,500 - Car detailed and paint touched up
256,600 - Scott's belly pan installed
257,500 - LED brake lights & running lights installed
258,500 - Front-mid belly pan installed (connects Scott's to mid area panels), LED headlights installed, custom center armrest & console installed
259,300 - WHITE/GREEN wire on DC-DC cut to keep 12V fully charged
260,500 - Added additional underbody paneling to the rear of the car
260,900 - Fixed rear hatch not locking, replaced front speakers with Polk DB652s, and replaced upstream catalytic converter and all surrounding hardware.
261,700 - Deleted IMA battery along with computers and wiring. Bypassed starter relay.
261,900 - Deleted DC-DC converter, MDM, and heat sink. Replaced with Meanwell HRP-600-15 pseudo-alternator

Best full tank: 92.12 MPG (918.7 miles, filled on 7/24/2019).
Best partial tank *: 111.87 MPG (178.6 miles, filled on 7/24/2019). **
Best long trip on level ground (>100 miles): 92.5 MPG (319.2 miles, 5/5/2019).
Best short trip on level ground (<100 miles): 127.6 MPG (10.0 miles, 7/24/2019).

* Partial tanks are full tank fill ups, but mileage does not include pizza delivery driving, which is logged separately.
** This complete tank was 918.7 miles at 92.12 MPG.
2006 Honda Insight (Red)


Warm air intake w/ resonator bypassed
K&N air filter
Full synthetic oil (0w20, Honda recommended)
IMA deleted along with computers and wiring
Arduino bypass for off road use only
Bypassed starter relay for instant 12v starting
DC-DC converter deleted along with MDM and heat sink
Meanwell HRP-600-15 PSU pseudo-alternator and hardware with SQL 100A Amp 3 Phase Diode Metal Case Bridge Rectifier
Rubber floor mats
Panoramic rear view mirror, removes blind spots
Modified center console from 6th gen Civic w/ custom armrest
Passenger seat deleted
Shift knob from 8th gen Civic (2006-2011)
Scangauge II (curtesy of Ecomodder & Linear Logic: Ecomodder 11th Anniversary Contest)
Torque Lite app as an altimeter (hypermiling tool for hilly and mountainous driving)
Two (2) Scythe Kaze Flex Sealed Precision FBD 120mm fans as intake and exhaust fans for the Meanwell compartment (89.3 CFM, 2000 RPM fixed, 38 dbA)
Honeycomb fan grilles to protect Meanwell compartment cooling fans (link to buy)
Switch to manually control operation of Meanwell compartment cooling fans
Lower grille block
Rear wiper delete
Rear belly pan
Passenger mirror delete
Smaller driver's side mirror
Scott's belly pan
Brake reduction clips
Front-mid belly pan (connects Scott's to mid area panels)
Coroplast front-to-mid belly pan (connects Scott's to mid area panels)
Coroplast rear belly pans
Paint touched up with OEM Honda Rally Red (Civic SI coupe OEM color). Very close match to the Insight's New Formula Red
Polk DB652 front speakers
Rockville RW8CA 8" 600 Watts Peak 150 Watts RMS Under-Seat Slim Amplified Car Subwoofer
Brighter LED reverse lights
LED license plate light
White LED front running lights
LED "CK" non-polarity-specific brake/taillights
LED headlights
Wheel and Tire
OEM wheels
Bridgestone Potenza RE92 tires inflated to 80 PSI



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I enjoyed reading about your car. I think you are well on your way . To becoming a superduper human being you already are but the way you have improve your car you're going to do it to yourself also. Hats off to you !?