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General Information

Insight CVT
Monte Carlo Blue
2002-Nov-27: Purchased new from Landmark Honda, Alexandria VA

Follows Normal Maintenance Schedule

Two rear end collisions, one minor, one required replacement of bumper and left rear panel.

<Missing records 2002-2006, under extended maintenance plan>

Entries below by Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Mileage Service
2006-10-20 41,126 Safety Inspection Passed

2007-05-23 47,819 New Tires POTENZA RE92 BL P165/65R14 78S 40,000 Mile

2007-05-28 48,001 Wheel Alignment Lifetime alignment service agreement

2008-08-09 63,727 Tire Rotation
Wheel Alignment
Wheel Balance

2009-09-18 75,889 Tire Rotation
Wheel Alignment
Wheel Balance

2009-10-16 76,820 Safety Inspection Passed

2009-12-11 78,456 Brake Service Replace front brake pads
Oil Change

2010-05-21 84,305 Brake Service Flush contaminated brake fluid
Misc Part Window run channel. Part only

2010-05-29 84,563 Misc Repair Replace window run channel due to binding issue. Labor only

2010-10-15 90,142 90K mile service
Air Conditioning Add refrigerant
Replace cabin filter
Brake Service Replace brake fluid
Engine Replace air filter
Misc Part Replace wiper blades
Oil Change
Transmission Replace transmission fluid

2011-05-21 97,327 Engine Replace drive belt
Replace spark plugs
Oil Change

2011-08-06 101,210 Misc Repair Loose gas cap caused engine light

2011-10-28 103,888 Safety Inspection Passed

2011-10-29 103,889 Tire Rotation
Wheel Alignment
Wheel Balance Lifetime wheel balance

2011-11-18 104,591 Engine Perform valve adjustment
Remove carbon build-up from induction system and throttle
Oil Change

2011-12-02 104,945 Engine Replace drive belt, tensioner, hardware

2012-02-04 106,795 Misc Repair Flat tire repair

2012-07-06 112,240 Air Conditioning Replace A/C condenser cooling fan, blows fuse
Oil Change

2012-08-11 113,422 Tire Rotation
Wheel Balance

2012-10-26 116,331 Safety Inspection
116,390 New Tires POTENZA RE92 BL P165/65R14 78S 40,000 Mile

2013-03-08 120,514 Oil Change
Transmission Recommend new catalytic converter due to loss of power on uphill

2013-03-15 120,695 Exhaust Replace 3 way catalytic converter
Misc Repair Replace 3 engine mounts

2013-04-19 127,780 Tire Rotation
Wheel Alignment
Wheel Balance

2013-08-09 126,062 Fuel System Replace fuel filler neck and gas cap

2013-09-20 127,683 Oil Change Noted issue raising passenger window

2013-09-23 127,766 Misc Repair Replace master and passenger window switches, note IMA battery must be replaced

2013-10-05 128,852 Tire Rotation
Wheel Balance

2013-10-12 128,328 Misc Repair Replace right and left front lower control arms
Safety Inspection

2013-10-13 128,000 Misc Repair Self replace 8 Amp Hour IMA Battery w/ 2 Year Warranty, Hybrid ReVolt order 1235, cost after $500 core refund

2013-10-16 128,477 Safety Inspection

2013-10-21 128,608 Wheel Alignment

2014-03-28 134,017 Oil Change
Tire Rotation
Wheel Balance

2014-08-15 139,474 Misc Repair Tire repair, left front leak
Tire Rotation
Wheel Alignment
Wheel Balance

2014-10-04 141,006 Misc Repair Replace front axles (part order only) to fix vibration
Oil Change

2014-10-17 141,451 Misc Repair Replace front axles (labor only)
Tire patch, right rear
Safety Inspection Passed

2015-05-23 148,675 Brake Service Replace brake fluid
Engine Remove carbon build-up from induction system and throttle
Oil Change

2015-06-19 125,852 Tire Rotation Recommend new tires, rear wiper blade
Wheel Alignment
Wheel Balance

2015-10-16 153,871 New Tires POTENZA RE92 BL P165/65R14 78S 40,000 Mile
Wheel Alignment
153,875 Safety Inspection

2016-02-13 157,435 Oil Change
Tire Rotation
Wheel Balance

2016-09-24 164,435 Wheel Balance

2016-09-30 164,484 Battery Dead battery, car shutdown
Misc Part Key replacement (lost during service)
Misc Repair Replace leaking oil pan
Oil Change
Safety Inspection Passed

2017-06-10 171,700 Oil Change Multipoint Inspection recommend front strut, brake, and valve gasket service
Transmission Replace transmission fluid

2017-07-08 172,517 Maintenance Inspection
Tire Rotation
Wheel Balance

2017-09-23 174,863 Safety Inspection Noted front strut leakage, failed due to headlight discoloration

2017-10-07 175,213 Engine Replace valve cover gasket per recommendation (leak)
Safety Inspection Passed (self-repair of headlight discoloration)
Suspension Replace front struts

2017-10-08 175,720 Wheel Alignment Recommend brake service

2017-12-02 176,768 Brake Service Replace brake pads and rotors
Tire Rotation

2018-03-10 179,451 Oil Change Multipoint Inspection no issues

2018-03-24 179,913 Tire Rotation Note front tire wear
Wheel Balance

2019-01-03 181,342 Battery Warranty Replacement
Exhaust Check Engine code P0505, Idle Air Control valve replacement

2019-03-22 182,167 Tire Rotation
Wheel Alignment
Wheel Balance

2019-09-13 184,253 Safety Inspection Passed
2002 Honda Insight CVT (Monte Carlo Blue)


Reusable K&R air filter. Otherwise stock.

Engine compartment undercarriage shield missing.
Original Honda cargo net.

Original Honda Insight floor mats (wear hole in driver mat).

Broadway anti-glare wide rear-view mirror.
Antenna boot rubber deteriorated.
Kenwood KDC-BT755HD with HD radio, CD player, USB-A connector, Bluetooth audio with external microphone for hands-free calls, SiriusXm ready, built-in Pandora, aha, and iHeartRadio apps.

Stock Honda AM/FM cassette radio P/N39100-S3Y-A010-M1 included. May not work.

Upgraded to Kenwood KFC-1682ie 3-way in-door speakers.

Boss Audio Systems 3-way external rear speakers.
Wheel and Tire
Missing bolt at rear on left (driver) wheel skirt resulted in road scrape damage on trailing corner. Held on by nylon tie.



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