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Taking Insight Styling as far as it can go!
Purchased sight unseen from craiglist seller in TX, with a cost of around $600 to ship to Ohio. Had bad clutch, IMA light, and about 160k miles along with a serious upper Pass Door Dent. It was originally Purchased to replace my V8 Swapped 95 240sx S14 as a daily, and though it never replaced it in spirit, it eventually sparked my love for the First Gen Insight. These Days it is the Goto Vehicle nearly replacing my S2000 as a Faster, More Fuel Efficient, and more durable Daily driver with its Swapped and tuned K20A3.

When Project Shadow's Ebay Sourced engine proved to be no good, Tron's K20A3 Vtec Killer Tuned Engine was swapped in to finish the build with extra Power and Vtec. Meanwhile Tron got a K24 with Vtec K20A2 head to make a Honda Monster. This was my first dive outside the hood of any car and into exterior styling, going full extreme with cues from the 350z, Mustangs, and rocket bunny FRS builds of today
2000 Honda Insight (Silverstone)


K24 CRV Block, TSX Pistons, Rods, and Crank. K20A2 Vtec Head, RDX injectors,K20 Flywheel, K&N filter inside EP3 stock airbox. RSX Base Dual Intake Runners, PND Hondata v4 ECU with bluetooth, 2row ebay full aluminum radiator with high pressure cap. Tigerroad Adjustible Clutch pedal. EP3 5speed trans with Gearing taken from OEM 4.7 to a 3.6 Final Drive
Custom Heated and Cooled Seats, Scangauge2, and 12v Battery swapped to trunk, with AC, Dash Mounted Solar panel charger hooked to PWM controller, Spare tire moved to IMA battery box, Hondata USB Data cable in Glove Box
Custom Rear Diffuser to help support Custom Center Exhaust Mod, Tail light Vinyl wrap shaping, Rear Upside Down Mounted F1 brake light, 56mm Rear Wing Chassis mounted Low, Mustang Quarter window Louvres, Mustang Lambo style Rear Window Louvres Cut to fit, Front bumper Aero, Tuner Angle front license plate bracket, Tigerroad Prototype V2 LED headlights with hyper flash...
4speaker set up with 2 tweeters upfront and 10in sub custom hidden in back. 7inch Kenwood touch screen DVD headunit.
Wheel and Tire
After Market +35 Offset 16inch Multispoke Wheels with Radar 215/50r16 All Season Tires, "Tiger Built" Permanent Tire Lettering, 2inch Rear Wheel Spacers, Shimmed Rear Hubs to adjust Toe and Camber.



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