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  1. 2000 Honda Insight for sale!

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    I've been dealing with my 2000 Honda Insight for awhile and am no longer willing to try to DIY battery problems. I'm selling the whole car + battery accessories I have. The car's story: 2014: Bought in 2014(?) from someone who took great care of it. He was the first owner and drove it very...
  2. 2000 Insight - New Batteries/Tires - $5999.00!

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    Greetings, I'm selling my 2000 5 Speed Insight. I needed a little bigger car and don't have the room to keep it. This has been a phenomenal car with a lifetime average of 57.8. I have owned it for 4 years and know every piece of the car. The batteries have been replaced with a Hybrid Revolt...
  3. For Sale - 2000 1st Gen Silver Low Miles

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    I'm selling my fantastic 2000 Silver Honda Insight. It has 82k+ miles Brand new Hybrid Revolt battery with a one-year warranty and the option to extend the warranty another two years New transmission - no grinding and drives smooth Cleaned EGR valve New engine mounts Regular maintenance and...
  4. Experiencing issues with my 2001 Insight please help

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    I'm a 17 year old female and my 2001 Honda Insight manual transmission is my first car, although I have had my license and I've been driving cars for 2 years. I purchased this vehicle less than 2 months ago after driving my father's Honda odyssey for a year and loving everything about it besides...
  5. 2000 Insight for sale MIMA

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    Thanks insight central
  6. 1,600 mile red 2012 2nd Gen Honda Insight sale

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    Hi, I bought this car with the help of some friends and family and I love it, but I am going to college soon and I need some money. The 1st gen insight would be great for collage. I would love to "trade" my 2nd gen insight for a 1st gen. The trade would entail a 1st gen insight and money for the...
  7. Both o2 sensors faulty within a week of each other?? Coincidence? Not likely.

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    I am a new insight owner. When I purchased the car it already had the check engine light on. The code read 'catalyst efficiency below threshold.' After reading I knew it was either one of the two o2 sensors or the Cat. I opted to guess and change the cheaper downstream sensor. The light...
  8. WTS: 1st Generation Head Unit and 6 disk changer for Sale.

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    I upgraded my stereo unit and am looking to sell these items. The stereo is having a very hard time playing cd's unless they are brand new. I tried laser cleaning disks but it hasn't helped much. I am accepting offers for the pair or individually and will be accepting offers for 1 week...
  9. London Congestion Charge - Mayor to DROP exclusion for 1st Gen Insight!!!

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    It appears that 1st generation insight owners are to lose their exemption from the London congestion charge, as the charge is increased to £10, whilst small petrol cars with low emissions will be exempted. See here: Congestion Charge 'winners' - Yahoo! Cars Does anyone know the official...