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  1. Honda Insight 1st generation for sale

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    Honda Insight 1st generation for sale Year: 2002 Colour: Oxygen Blue Transmission: 5 speed standard gearbox Current Mileage: 47K (yes that is correct), I brought the car from new and can supply MOT’s and service records to prove the low millage. For the first 12 or so years it has a full-service...
  2. Gen 1 Insight for sale in Indianapolis area

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    Hello, I have a 2000 Insight for sale. It's silverstone metallic, one owner, all records available from the local Honda dealer, 5 speed manual, 80K miles, AC with climate control, new IMA battery 17K miles ago in 2013. It has some chips and scratches consistent with its age but overall in a...
  3. Searching for help in georgia

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    Hey I'm located outside of Atlanta I'm a 17 year old girl driving a 2001 Honda Insight MT I purchased 2 months ago. I need someone in the area to help me figure out what is wrong with the car or a fair mechanic in my area. I posted about the problems and asked for help and I was told to post in...
  4. 2000 MT Insight, 160k, Clean 26 service record Carfax, Autocheck 79

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    Hi there. I've been a somewhat longtime lurker of these forums off and on. I finally decided to more seriously look into buying an Insight. Before, I was a young guy that didn't even have the money for a cheap one. I still don't have money, but I need an Insight!! Long story short, I purchased...
  5. QUICK, Should I buy this insight this week?

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    I am looking at this 2000 insight it's a manual with 150k. The battery is showing signs of going out and he said that he took it to the dealership but he doesnt believe it is still covered under warranty and they gave him a quote of $2500 to change it. I know I could change the battery...