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2000 honda insight silver

  1. 2000 Insight 5-speed for sale in NY

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    My 2000 Honda Insight has 202k miles and I'm still driving it. It has new brakes, new brake and gas lines, clean interior and runs well. It's silver. The IMA battery is going, and codes periodically, but is not yet gone. It charges and drains normally when reset. Insight veterans tell me you...
  2. Selling: 2000 1st Gen, 82K miles

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    Selling 2000 Honda Insight Silver Color 82,250 miles (at time of posting) Interior is in great condition; just had it all deep cleaned Located in Los Angeles Clean title, CA registration, and brand new tabs.
  3. WTB 2000 insight Right Door, silver

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    Right door, silver, only metal is needed (glass, etc. is still good)
  4. 2000 Insight, Can I fix myself?

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    Hello All I have a 2000 Insight 5 speed which I love. Well the dreaded IMA light came on and I am being told it will cost 3800 for a new battery pack. I found Re Involt by surfing and they say they can sell me a new pack for 1900. Two questions: 1. Can I put in the new pack myself (I have no...
  5. 2000 Honda Insight going up for sale soon in Austin, Texas - 145K

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    Hi everyone, In the next couple of weeks, I will be putting my 2000 Honda Insight up for sale in Austin, Texas. I love it but am moving soon and have a toddler, which makes it impractical for my current needs. The car has 145K miles with a lifetime of 44mpg -- evidently I don't have quite...