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2001 mt insight

  1. Searching for help in georgia

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    Hey I'm located outside of Atlanta I'm a 17 year old girl driving a 2001 Honda Insight MT I purchased 2 months ago. I need someone in the area to help me figure out what is wrong with the car or a fair mechanic in my area. I posted about the problems and asked for help and I was told to post in...
  2. 2001 Silver Insight for sale (Orange County/LA Area)

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    !!!!! Update! Car has been sold. Thanks for your help and interest everyone! !!!!!! Well, the time has come, I've been a lurker here for a while and gotten some great info, but I need to let the little guy go. I'm getting a used Prius from a family member for the extra space. Here are some...
  3. 2001 Honda Insight (Detroit Area) for sale

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    Hey all, selling my gray 2001 Insight 5-spd w/AC 213k miles and 53.5 MPG over that time. Decent shape.... need to sell! I'm buying a 2011 Insight w/nav, and I want it to go to a good home. I have a set of Blizzak Snow tires and a set of LRR Potenzas that will go with the car. Also a set of...
  4. newbie..long story

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    Hi All...Long time lurker...Well...In april, I bought a 01 insight in Arizona...Flew from Wis. to get it because it had 69,000 miles and a new battery...As soon as I bought it, I pumped up tires to 50psi. We loaded 3 suitcases and a cooler and 2 of us in it and headed to vegas....Then thru Utah...