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    Hello! I am new to the insight community and am eager to put my hands on a first gen insight. I love weird, esoteric cars and this seems like one of the most interesting from Honda. I am in Denver but am willing to travel a bit to nearby states for the right one. My preference is a 5spd in good...
    $4,000 USD
  2. Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    I remember this site being extremely helpful to me years back in helping me research and repair my vehicles to keep them road-ready, so I'd like to give the patrons first dibs. Unfortunately, while I'm out doing med school things, my silver bullet is just sitting at the house with a relative...
  3. Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    2001 Honda Insight 5 speed for sale, runs good, 300K miles, IMA battery light stays on while driving. Interior and Exterior in good condition, paint is fading in some areas. Asking $1500 obo. California vehicle. You can find vehicle Images under my profile.
  4. Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    SOLD! 2000 Hybrid Honda Insight 5-speed manual transmission that gives the best fuel economy and makes the car fun to drive. Manual trans cars have "Lean Burn" which gives better fuel economy than the CVT automatic. Shiny "New Formula Red" outside with clean gray interior. Accident-free and...
1-4 of 4 Results