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  1. 2002 red 5 speed Insight

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    For sale in the UK ( Surrey) beautiful condition, original seat condition, original carpet condition 110 000 miles, full service record, Battery pack perfect, new tyres, new headlamps. Best car I have ever owned. call 01883 724774 and come and have a look. £4100
  2. 2006 Honda Insight $12,000 obo

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    no longer for sale no longer for sale.
  3. 2001 Insight auto w/70k vs 5spd. w/220 wich one should I buy?

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    My 94 ford escort with 250k miles is too far gone and have to buy new car. I had a chevy sprint a few years ago with a 3 cylinder engine and when the transmission went was sorry to let it go and often wish would have kept it as always got 50 mpg. Looking for a car and excited when found the...
  4. is 2nd Gen Insight available with manual transmission?

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    I own a 5spd 2000 insight and love it, gonna keep it and get a 2010 to fit the whole family, but only if its available in a 5spd manual. Anyone know? Anyone know of any other hybrid makes/models in a manual tranny? thanks!!!