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battery balancing

  1. Battery HELP: grid charge, or new battery?

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Hi, I am new to insightcentral, and a new owner of an old 2000 Insight. I only purchased just over a month ago. The IMA light came on around Thanksgiving, as a "1447" code. There is someone who fixes Insights near me, who helped me find the code. The person who sold the car thought that the...
  2. G1 mechanics in Ireland

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Hi Does anyone know of any experienced G1 mechanics in Republic of Ireland? Looking for someone here who can help balance batteries in car and maybe fit a grid charger. Thanks in advance Liam
  3. Charging and/or discharging battery REMOVED from car?!

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Hi everyone, First of all thanks to all the posters that helped me decide to recently buy an Insight. I bought one with a dead battery of which the warranty had expired a week before I bought it (my conversation with Honda about trying to extend that warranty is on its way). So I bought a used...
  4. Battery Balancing: Grid Charger vs. 4000 rpm

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    Searched the forums and google for an hour, but couldn't find an answer. Please direct me to the correct thread if this question has been asked. I went to Honda and paid $2500 for a new battery including everything. They claim they are new cells, but I don't know. In order to charge up the...