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  1. WTB G1 Insight

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    Hello all, Title mostly says it all. Coming to the end of a ridiculous 8-month ordeal with my modern daily driver, a Subaru BRZ, I'm getting out of dodge and getting a vehicle I've wanted since I first discovered them years ago--a first-gen Insight. I just missed (by an HOUR) one that sold on CL...
  2. Looking for a used car: $1000 or less [CA]

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    Testing waters Ignore this
  3. Reluctantly Seling my Insight. Looking for a buyer and price opinions

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    I am the second owner of my Platita (little silver), and it has been an incredibly reliable car for the last 7 years. I now live with 8 people and we all share electric vehicles so a 2-seater is no longer useful like it once was. I've been holding on to it because I want to find a buyer who...
  4. Buying: Silver Drivers Side Fender 1st Gen

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    I spun out last winter and cracked my fender. I tried to bondo and paint it, but it is starting to cost me more money than I'm willing to spend. I'm located in DesMoines Iowa, and would be willing to drive to the far edge of my bordering states to pick up a silver drivers side fender for a 1st...
  5. WTB Gen1 Insight M/T

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    Hello All, I am looking to purchase another Gen 1 Insight with a M/T. A car with known bad batteries is even okay as I am confident in working on / changing the batteries. I would consider anything really up to 200,000 miles. Looking for something in the 5k or less especially if it has bad...
  6. Trying to decide if I should sell my baby

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    I have a 2001 Insight in great shape, which I love. It has about 135K on it, and still running great. BUT. I am about to move to Connecticut. Here in Michigan I live close enough to work that I can usually just walk when there are heaps of snow. But each year it seems like the snow gets bigger...
  7. FS: Grid Charger Complete Kits

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    UPDATE: You can find pics of chargers that I've completed and shipped here: I've recently lost my job, and I need to make some income until my next gig rolls in. I've built three chargers so far, one in my...