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  1. 2000 Red 5-spd California Insight (123,500 mi)

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    SOLD! 2000 Hybrid Honda Insight 5-speed manual transmission that gives the best fuel economy and makes the car fun to drive. Manual trans cars have "Lean Burn" which gives better fuel economy than the CVT automatic. Shiny "New Formula Red" outside with clean gray interior. Accident-free and...
  2. 2000 Honda Insight, Red, rebuilt - $4900 (Milwaukee, WI)

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    2000 Honda Insight with 141,XXX miles. I bought the car two years ago from a dealer in Ohio. It has ran well since that time. All maintenance has been performed on schedule. The car was in an accident before I bought it and was repaired by a shop in Ohio. It does have a salvage title. The...
  3. EGR Plate Removal/Cleaning - With Pics

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    After reading quite a few threads on clogged EGR Plates my Uncle and I decided to clean our EGR plates on our Insights this past weekend. I pre-ordered the needed gaskets and had them on hand. My blue 01 has 50K on it and his silver 05 has 76K on it. Neither of us were experiencing any...
  4. Insight for sale

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    2005 insight for sale. Great condition. It did not sell on ebay. If interested please respond. Owe 9700.00 to bank,so would like to get close to that.