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  1. dealer is telling me my water pump is leaking

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    They also say that I can't see it and that I need to replace what they are calling the Auxilliary water pump. Can I conduct a simple test myself to verify that they are correct before shelling out for a new one? Help I need a good mechanic in the Hudson Valley.
  2. bad head gasket?

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    I think I have a bad head gasket. Worth rebuilding? I plan to do the work myself, and I have the factory service manual already. My girlfriend and I bought the car with 236,500 miles last September, in Oklahoma City, and we had about a 60 mile trip back home to Stillwater. We had noticed a...
  3. replace radiator???

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    Hi! My 2001 Insight continues to boil over every trip. Has anyone replaced their radiator, or replaced their head gasket or put a steel seal solvent in their coolant to stop head gasket leaks I have flushed the system a year & half ago, -put a new water pump in a year ago-( sprung a leak and...