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  1. Replacement Carpet Interest?

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    I recently asked ACC (Auto Custom Carpets) about replacement carpet for the G1 and was told that they need around 200 firm orders for production to be viable. I think it is definitely something worth pushing for, like maybe we could open a kickstarter or something, but I want to make sure...
  2. Gen1 Insight + Gen1 CR-V = ???

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    So, i've got a Gen1 (MY2000) insight that is officially totaled, twice. Runs and drives, i've maintained the battery, and all the drive train components work. i've been given a Gen1 CR-V (MY1997) with a clean title, bad rear drive train problem (easy enough to make it driveable by...
  3. My new DIY aero panel

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    After some inspiration from blue civic hybrid and KLR3CYL I decided to mock up and make my own aero panel. It's .093" polycarbonate from Home Depot. I added a PVC oil drain to match up with my Fumoto oil drain valve and a thumblatch door for oil filter access (as well as coolant petcock). I...