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  1. ICE, Navigation & Dashcam - Too much?

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Good day people. I need some opinions and/or advice please. I'm considering getting a 2-din ICE that includes navigation. Some of the Japanese spec cars came optioned with a 2-din unit and I've seen some UK cars with them installed too. I also want to install a permanent dash cam. My...
  2. Gadgets Placement

    Honda Insight Forum 2nd-Gen Discussion
    Just wanted to post my cellphone & dash cam set up. I'm using the Kenu Airframe as my phone mount. Its very small and strong. As you can see it blends right in with the aesthetic of the interior. The steering wheel is blocking my USB cable, but I'm using an Eastern Collective cable. It...
  3. 3D Printed 1080p Dash Cam Mount

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    Hey gang, I've created a 3D printed low profile 1080p dash camera that attaches to the insight's rear view mirror, out of sight to both passenger and driver and hardly visible from the road. Once mounted, the camera automatically records whenever the ignition is on: Here's a video showing...