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  1. Cheap Red Gen1 for parts in Greenville, SC area

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    Hey everyone, I have a Red 2000 Insight for sale for parts. Will let it go cheap, make your offer. Whatever you think is fair. And you have to pick it up or get it towed as it's dead :( The engine just stopped on me on the highway. Mechanic diagnosis: turns out the cam shaft |B| cylinders 2 and...
  2. To Sell or to Part, That is the Question

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    My beloved 2000 Honda Insight needs a new transmission (manual). I have put a lot of love and time into this car but finally moved to a Honda Clarity. Other than the transmission, there really isn't anything majorly wrong with it. Would I get more parting it out or selling it whole? I hate to...