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    Thinking of selling my 2001 manual g1 insight with A/C . I’ve had it for over a year and absolutely love it . But id love to find a different color . The car has 115,000 miles with a clean title. I average 55+ mpg in the summer and 45 in the winter. Parts Replaced list / Service -Clutch slave...
  2. Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    I live in Minneapolis and am looking for a manual citrus green color insight . I am willing to pay cash or trade my grey gen 1. Message me privately if you have one for sale . Condition does not matter . Thank you !
  3. Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    2001 Generation 1 Insight. I’m selling passenger and drivers side a pillar trims . They are both silver and have no broken tabs . I also have a spare set of rear wheel spats with oem mounting. Message me if your interested.
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    2000 Silverstone 220bhp Ksight for Sale 14k OBO Chance to buy the Car as low as $9,000 by bidding on Ebay, starting June 21st 2019!!! With Great Pride, I am finally listing my 2000 Silverstone Kswapped Insight for Sale. Engine and Powertrain: K20A3 Engine TSX Cams and Rockers Vtec Killer Tune...
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    SOLD!!! 11/17/18 First and foremost, my username got locked due to changes years ago, so I was also known on this forum as ucffool ( (272,000 users ago) and now have to use this new account. Anyway, family planning has made me part with my...
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    I have an absolutely new-in-box Rostra cruise control system that I'm looking to sell. I haven't even opened the box to take a peek. I bought these parts new about six months ago when I bought my Insight, and finally realized that I am simply never going to get around to installing it (and...