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  1. Generic Timesert, and, Fumoto or Plug?

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    The aluminum oil pain's plug thread is down to its last safe tightening, my mechanic says. I mentioned to him the recommendations regarding the Timesert and the Fumoto valve. He says that he has installed similar inserts to Timesert, which is just a brand name. Also, he believes that a valve...
  2. Fumoto for TRANSMISSION drain?

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    Hey, I love my Fumoto valve. It makes draining the oil so easy, and hopefully is keeping the threads in the pan all nice. So... since I drain my CVT fluid regularly... I was wondering if anyone knew of a Fumoto or similar device for that plug. I've got my transmission drain/fill pattern down...
  3. Fumoto valve after stripping OEM plug

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    Ok, the question is in how to best deal with this situation, the common and annoying stripped oil plug drain bolt. Here's my situation. The car had oil changes done at a shop (usually, if not always, at a Honda dealer) but when I changed it myself for the first time, I pulled out a nice coil...
  4. Fumoto Drain Valve For Sales

    Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    I have a Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve for sale. I was going to install it on my 2000 Insight, but the oil drain plug had already been reworked due to it being stripped out earlier. This is a Fumoto p/n F-106 which is what is recommended by Lubrication Specialist, LLC for the 1st Gen insights...