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  1. Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    I am looking to replace the hybrid battery on my 2000 Honda Insight and I want to know if ennocar batteries are any good? I am trying to find the best battery I can without spending too much. And after some research I am confident the battery is 100% cooked
  2. Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    Asking Price: $2000 best offer Year: 2004 Color: silver Transmission (5spd/CVT): CVT Current Mileage: 226,000 Location: south florida High Voltage Battery Age/Condition: weak, should be replaced, but runs fine by disabling with battery switch. Transmission Condition: very good Engine or IMA...
  3. Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    Looking to buy a Gen 1 Insight with low (ish) miles. Has to be manual. Located in the United States. Willing to pay fair price for a fair car. I am not picky on color. I am sure this is what everyone else is looking for as well but I appreciate any help in finding a clean car!
  4. Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
  5. Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Hi, Everyone, One June 1 I took possession of a Gen1 Insight in Raleigh, NC. I'd bought it on eBay for $1700 after weighing the risks and my knowledge of the car (unseen). Here are some facts about it: *235K miles at purchase, clean and undamaged, decent OEM tires, I changed the oil and drove...
  6. Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Hi y'all, I have to opportunity to buy a Gen1 Insight for $1200. But, it has 224,000 miles on it with the original battery pack, gaskets, everything. It doesn't have a speck of rust on it and it runs and drives great. Should I buy it? Is there anything I should be aware of? Thank you, Josiah
  7. Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    Gen1, 5-spd manual transmission Original owner, asking $4000 obo. As much as I liked driving this car, getting in and out of the low seats gets harder as one gets older! The Good: 93,803 miles: used mainly for 15 minute daily commute, with longer trips in state of California. Honda 5-CD...
  8. Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Hello, My 2000 Insight is in need of motor mounts. Anyone know the part numbers for the manual transmission mounts? Thanks!
  9. Problems and Troubleshooting
    Hello all. New to the forum and recently got a 01 Insight from a friend. I've spent the past two months, thanks to this forum, getting the maintenance all up to date. But one thing I have yet to fix is the roof pillar molding. I was told it leaks during the rainy season and I saw Scott's video...
  10. Problems and Troubleshooting
    While installing a grid charger over the weekend, I found that some of the aluminum paneling around the back of the IMA (drivers side) was bent out of shape, thus preventing me from putting the cover back on properly. As of now the bolt holes aren’t lining up because of this bent aluminum...
  11. Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Hello everyone! I just bought an 06 MT 1st Gen and will eventually HAI it but I wanted to take a "roll call" of sorts of those of you who have one. List: 1. What type HAI do you have (link to your build type if available) since there are many ways to make one? 2. What MPG Gains (or losses) have...
  12. Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    Car is an absolute gem. I’m sad to see it go, but COVID has nixed my office commute and it’s difficult to justify having it sit around. The previous owner was a retired gentleman who had this stashed in his shop for years. Hoped I could've had more time with it, but c'est las vie! Automatic...
  13. Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    Hey everyone, I have a Red 2000 Insight for sale for parts. Will let it go cheap, make your offer. Whatever you think is fair. And you have to pick it up or get it towed as it's dead :( The engine just stopped on me on the highway. Mechanic diagnosis: turns out the cam shaft |B| cylinders 2 and...
  14. Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Hello; I am in the market for a newer car to replace my hot garbage Saturn sedan. My friend is willing to sell me his 2002 Insight since he has been collecting cars and honestly doesn't need to keep multiple cars sitting around now that he has been driving his most recent purchase all the time...
  15. Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    I am selling a 2004 Navy Blue Manual Insight w/AC with 53,714 miles. $4000 Located in Seattle WA I purchased this Insight for $6995.00 with a rebuilt title from a dealer in 2014 at 26,000 miles. I do not know why the vehicle was rebuilt, but the dealer claimed that it was involved in an...
  16. Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    I am looking for an Insight parts car to help maintain my two Insights, Hurricane ( MT, blue 2001, purchased 2006, nearly 200,000 miles, 50,000 mine) and Typhoon (MT, silver, 2000, purchased 2016, about 80,000 miles) I did buy a lot of spare parts from folks on Insight Central (thank you very...
  17. Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Hi, my 2000 Insight died two years ago and I've been garaging a replacement Catalytic converter, anyone need one? It's the Eastern, still factory sealed, stock number is #40730. Sells for $239 on Amazon. I want to get it out of the house for $100 + shipping, it's brand new. I also have the...
  18. Honda Insight on eBay, CarGuru, BAT, Craigs, etc
    I am looking for a 1st Gen CVT for my 2002 Insight. I lost "Drive" going down the highway and from what I understand I need to seek out a donor to get my ride up and running again. Does any have a CVT for sale or know where I could find one?
  19. Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    My Blue Hurricane 2001 Gen 1 is still running well at 191,000, but she's got a few war wounds that need fixing. The hood is full of stone dings, both front doors have suffered my amateur attempts to repaint them, and the rear plastic bumper got pushed in from a parking lot accident. So I'm...
  20. Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    Hi, One of my rims on my 2000 Insight has a pinhole leak. Not certain if it can be repaired, the tire store said no. Anyone out there have 1 to sell?
1-20 of 22 Results