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  1. Gen1 2005 Silver Insight 5 Speed - 218K - FOR SALE - Dayton, OH - $2300

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    2005 Silver 5-Speed Manual 218,100 Miles IMA Battery from 2010 (factory warranty replacement prior to my purchasing the vehicle) - IIMA Code shows intermittently. I reset battery and stays off for short bouts. Engine/Transmission runs well. Interior is clean overall. Normal wear. Exterior...
  2. p1162 (48) Need Help With LAF Sensor Location/Replacement

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    Bad news; my 2002 CVT just threw a p1162 an hour ago; the blink code is 48. The ABS also had the blink code 61 but wasn't throwing a light; this link ECU P codes says that code 61 is a primary oxygen sensor; would replacing the LAF/fixing the p1162 get rid of that blink code? Worse news; I...
  3. 2002 CVT 74805 original miles "For Sale"

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    SOLD - no longer available
  4. Help with Light and Blink Codes

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    Hello again; long time no post :D So I need to have my 2002 CVT re-smogged come September and I have a couple of lights that need to be addressed beforehand; Engine and IMA. My car seems to cycle between 4 different codes; p1648, which seems new since the last time I checked. p1449 p0560...
  5. Automatic won't start after autostop.

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    I have an automatic 2002 Insight. The IMA battery has 9 of it's 10 toes in the grave, but a grid charger has been keeping it somewhat alive for about the past year. The 12v battery may be going bad, too, but I'm not sure. The battery light has been coming on recently, and has done so in the...
  6. Transmission/ Trans Parts Wanted!

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    Hey guys, The five speed transmission case recently cracked due, (I think), to a fifth gear synchro problem. I am wondering if anyone is trying to sell a manual trans in any condition? Most of the internals are still okay, and if I can find another bell housing, I would like to swap them over...
  7. Gen1 Insight + Gen1 CR-V = ???

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    So, i've got a Gen1 (MY2000) insight that is officially totaled, twice. Runs and drives, i've maintained the battery, and all the drive train components work. i've been given a Gen1 CR-V (MY1997) with a clean title, bad rear drive train problem (easy enough to make it driveable by...
  8. WTB Gen1 Insight with A/T

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    Hello, I am new to the forum (this is actually my first post), and I am interested in buying another Gen1 Insight for my girlfriend. I just purchased one and she fell in love lol, so it does have to be an automatic. I would prefer something with 200,000 or less miles, but I'd consider just...
  9. 2001 Blue + Battery

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    I'm trying to decide what to do with my 2001 blue Insight and the extra battery. If I should sell them together or not. The car has around 119k** miles on it. A few years ago I needed a car and my husband and I were traveling to Memphis, TN when he suddenly whipped the car around and drove back...