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  1. Check Engine Light + IMA Light on- Car shut off

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    The car was totally fine for about 50 or so miles following the sale from a private seller. It's a 2001 Honda Insight. It seemed totally fine, the charge and assist lights were working, everything. SRS light was on but that was it. I took it to go get it smogged, and on the way there the car...
  2. FS: 2001 Honda Insight - 179k

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    Hello, I'm selling my Insight, please see the details below and reach me via email/call/text for more info. Thank you 2001 Honda Insight -Hybrid 3dr hatchback -Monte carlo blue -179k miles -5spd manual transmission with A/C -Hybrid battery turned off (It needs repair/replace) -Driving without...
  3. 2001 Honda Insight - Silver / Auto

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    2001 Honda Insight for sale $6,000 OBO Silver Auto CVT AC Great Cruise 48.1 Lifetime MPG (135,xxx) New Hybrid battery with 17 mo left on warranty ( greentec ) Ready to go no known issues Have too many vehicles once must go I can send pictures via text message Located in Litchfield, IL message...
  4. For Sale 2001 Honda Insight 127K (IMA Battery need replacement)

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    2001 Honda Insight 5 speed manual transmission $4500 OBO Location: Seattle, WA 127K Power steering, Power windows, Power door locks, AM/FM with cassette, Dual front airbags, 4 wheel ABS brakes, Alloy wheels. This car is in great shape but need IMA battery replacement I still do get ASST and...
  5. 2001 Insight auto w/70k vs 5spd. w/220 wich one should I buy?

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    My 94 ford escort with 250k miles is too far gone and have to buy new car. I had a chevy sprint a few years ago with a 3 cylinder engine and when the transmission went was sorry to let it go and often wish would have kept it as always got 50 mpg. Looking for a car and excited when found the...