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idle stop

  1. Newbie questions/concerns - over revving. Nearly cuts out

    Troubleshooting and Problems
    Hi all, I have recently bought a UK 59 plate (2010 model?) Insight ES. Overall, I am happy with it, but have some questions that I would like you guys to help - am I thinking right, or over-sensitive while learning this new car. 1: Under throttle, there is often an over rev. I usually...
  2. Recalibration events AFTER auto-stop

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    I'm up to 90K miles (new batt pack at 30K) on my 2000 Insight and have had few problems. Recently though if I sit at a stop light for a minute or more while the motor is auto stopped (idle-stop) and then drive away my SOC state of charge meter begins plummeting downward, usually to the bottom...