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ima battery won't charge

  1. Looking for functioning 1st gen IMA battery or Help with mine - So Cal

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    I'm super new here because I recently purchased a Honda Insight 2001 (automatic) from a private seller which theoretically was completely fixed up and running perfectly. It was passed smog two months ago and drove perfectly in the test drive, no lights came on, so I had no reason to think...
  2. IMA not responding to charge

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    Set up a grid charger to juice up a sick IMA pack. The charger pumped 180v to IMA but voltage on charger never dropped below 180v as indicated in instructions. Ran continuity test on the charger and everything checked out at 180v all the way through. Does anyone have an idea as to why the IMA...
  3. Possesed IMA acting crazy

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    So here is the past year: 1) After having a tranny input bearing replaced a year ago, synchro-meshing down to second from third seemed tough. Owed it to old clutch (about 170k miles at that point). Told I would need a clutch within a year. (HAH! 15 months and counting, LOL.) 2) Two months...
  4. IMA light, codes 1166, 1449, 1568....any help appreciated.

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    First let me say Thanks. I have never posted or replied on this forum, but the info in here has saved me big bucks a couple of times so thanks for past for the future. I own a 2002 Insight with automatic transmission and 204k miles (my wife lovingly calls it my clown car) Two weeks...
  5. New IMA battery pack won't charge beyond 4 bars.

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    Your advice is needed! I'm a new Insight owner. Last week I bought a 2001 Honda Insight from a private party. It has a new IMA battery pack replacement done at Ron Tonkin Honda in Gresham on 3-11-11, just days before I purchased the car. It seemed like a good gamble. --The battery pack won't...