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  1. For sale: Red 2000 MT Insight in Williamsburg, VA - SOLD

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  2. 2000 Green MT 225K in NC

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    Only 65K on new battery. Only a few hundred miles on new plugs, coils, cats, o2 sensors, and egr valve. Runs a little rough on lean burn, otherwise fine. Drove it for 15 years, lasted long enough for me to get a fully electric vehicle (Chevy Bolt EV). Asking $1,500.00...
  3. Hi everyone. 00 Red Honda Insight.

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    Hi everyone. Long time lurker, just wanted to say hi and post the insight I just bought yesterday. Long story short the guy had the car parked for two years after the engine just shut off while driving on the freeway. He didn't dive to deep into figuring out what caused it but was told it was...
  4. 2000 G1 Insight For Sale in Santa Rosa, CA

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    On Craig's list: 5971031372 165,000 k 3rd battery electronics replaced under warranty red manual We love this car. Have to let it go. Purchased from original owner in 2001 at 16,000 miles. Geoffrey & Camille
  5. 2000 Insight. Red, MT, AC (leak), grid charger

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    Hi everyone, I have a 2000 Insight, salvage title, Civic front bumper, purchased Nov 2015 with approximately 179,000 miles. I've since installed a grid charger (Feb 2016). I bypassed the hybrid battery in Oct 2016 and have been driving it without a hitch since (I did have to replace the starter...
  6. 2000 Red 190k Miles - 3 year old battery; amazing interior + parts car

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    I have a 2000 Red Insight in Western MA. Standard Transmission. Red. Interior is excellent and exterior very good with some fading. Great AC; Good suspension; very well maintained before I purchased to fix transmission ( issue : pops out of 3rd/5th ). New Tires. The battery is good and...
  7. Opinions on buying this car/what to look for when testing?

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    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum, but I've been searching for an insight for a long time! They come on the market every once in a while in MA, so there's no rush to buy, but this one looks compelling: 2000 Honda Insight The price is fair judging by KBB; and the car's exterior/interior look...
  8. 2000 Insight for Sale in Hawaii

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    Great car in excellent condition, only 70k miles. Currently on Kauai, can be shipped to outer islands for under $200, and mainland under $800-$1000 to the mainland US. -5spd manual transmission with A/C -70k with regular oil changes and tune ups (records on file at King Auto). Last oil...