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  1. Honda 2001 Insight – Low mileage, Immaculate Condition, Original Owner

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    Year: 2001 Color: Blue Transmission: CVT Current Mileage: 64,674 Asking Price: $3900.00 Location: Seattle, WA High Voltage Battery Age/Condition: 4 years or so; rebuilt pack with high quality batteries from; did not drive much after new battery pack was installed; just...
  2. Dorman IMA installed $2,000 2 year parts and labor warranty inquiry

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    Hello, 2001 Insight 187K 5speed. I installed a grid charger a year ago, now I have to charge it every 2 weeks before P1447 code shows (followed by P1449) if I don't charge it. There is so much "Opinion" on here about the Dorman IMA battery. I'm curious as to anyone having actual experience...
  3. Red 2001 Insight manual - cheap as free to a good home - Boston, MA

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    2001 insight free to a good home -- for the low, low price of... you tow it away and do something useful with it. Otherwise free or best offer. Near Boston, MA. I am the formerly-proud owner of this formerly-fine Gen1 Insight. Red. 5spd manual transmission. ~150k miles. Has been parked, unused...
  4. Traded my insight for a chevy Cobalt

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    I traded in my Insight for a 2005 Chevy Colbalt. This car is awsome. Happy April fools
  5. 2001 Blue Insight for Sale-70k miles-Clean-Portland,Oregon

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    Pictures and all info on craigslist page. HONDA INSIGHT 2001 - LOW MILES RARE BLUE COLOR
  6. 2001 Honda Insight $4,900

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    Used Car Dealer Boulder CO | Used Car Dealership Boulder CO | Green Eyed Motors | 2001 Honda Insight We just got this in and call us if your interested. Luke