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  1. WTB Gen1 Insight M/T

    Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    Hello All, I am looking to purchase another Gen 1 Insight with a M/T. A car with known bad batteries is even okay as I am confident in working on / changing the batteries. I would consider anything really up to 200,000 miles. Looking for something in the 5k or less especially if it has bad...
  2. WTB 2000 Honda Inisight Floor Mats

    Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    I am looking to buy a set of floor mats for my 2000 Insight M/T. I would be interested in Grey, Silver, or Black. Respond here or PM me if you have a set you would like to sell. Thank you, -David
  3. FS: 2000 stock head unit and CD changer

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    Just removed the stock head unit w/cassette deck and will soon be pulling out the CD changer and connecting cable. I have no idea what these go for but I'm willing to entertain reasonable offers. Would prefer to sell them together but no big deal either way. Everything works fine and it comes...
  4. 289,000 mile 02 CVT w/ P1457

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    Hi, My 2002 Insight has 289,000 miles on it and just threw a P1457. The weather here just got cold, fyi. I've had the car for a couple years now with zero problems. My question is with that many miles is it worth chasing this problem down or should I save my money for a full swap or fix it...
  5. IMA Battery Resets when going uphill...everytime!

    Troubleshooting and Problems
    My 2010 Insight IMA battery is acting funny after my 2nd oil change. It now has 16500 mi. When driving uphill, even slightly, the battery starts to assist and then dis-engage completely for a re-charge. Looks as if it is resetting itself. Battery indicator indicates only 2 bars left after...
  6. FS: Yellow '01 Insight CVT, great shape + new BetterBattery $6500

    Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    This is not my car, however it is owned by my friend / co-worker, who happens to be a master Porsche mechanic as well: 2001 Honda Insight CVT (automatic) He had it painted less than a year ago, it's a bright yellow paint job (including door jams), really well done. This car looks great in...
  7. Save on Visors, Shift Knobs, Oil Caps and More! King's Black Friday Sale.

    Modifications and Technical Discussions
    Promo Coupon Codes are published! Savings begin at midnight!
  8. 40% Off on Mugen 4-Piece Body Kit

    Modifications and Technical Discussions
  9. King Motorsports - Glad to be back as a Sponsor

    Honda Insight Lounge
    After a somewhat lengthy hiatus, we are glad to be back as a sponsor of As the only Authorized Mugen Distributor for North America, we have several items for the 2nd Gen Insight and some great deals going on right now. I'll be posting our items in the appropriate sections...
  10. 2000 Red Insight For Sale

    Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    2000 red Honda Insight 2 passenger hatchback Refreshingly reliable 5 Speed Manual Transmission 3 cylinder vtech engine plus electric motor. Very Cold A/C Interior: Gray, with black neoprene seat covers Mileage : 107,000 Upgraded JVC audio system with radio, CD player and Mp3 cable IMA Battery...
  11. 2006 Honda Insight for $11,699

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    2006 Honda Insight 3 Cyl Automatic Hybrid I’m getting 53 MPG around town! A fantastic buy at $11,699 The 2006 Honda Insight is an economical two passenger gas/electric Hybrid and this automatic is capable of achieving stellar EPA estimates of 56 City/57 Highway mpg. The Insight features a 67...
  12. Honda Insight 2001 IMA Battery & DC Converter

    Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    A friends perfectly running 2001 Insight was declared totaled by the insurance company a couple years ago so we saved the complete IMA battery system with DC converter unit. I was hanging on to it just in case my 2001 Insight might need it but it is running strong and after my recent inspection...
  13. Seat Covers

    Honda Insight Forum 2nd-Gen Discussion
    Anyone have any luck finding seat covers that fit 2010 insight? I have tried a few and they just don't fit right because of the high head rest. Thanks
  14. More about my brand new Insight battery pack

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    A follow up as promised. Today I arrived back in NZ from a business trip to the US and only now had the chance to properly look at the new Honda Insight battery pack. I am no expert on these things so I welcome your comments and corrections any any statements I make here. The pack was picked...
  15. Red 2000 insight 5 speed for sale

    Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    I sold my 2000 Honda insight 3 days after posting on Craigslist. It was on for 3 months with only three inquiries.
  16. A Huge Thank you

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    I would like to express my deepest sincerest Thanks to a number of people who regularly post on this site. Number one, Peter who completely selflessly spent a cold January day in Yorkshire helping a enthusiastic but nonetheless pretty clueless me install three mods to his pride and joy Rufio...
  17. Want to buy 2001-2006 CVT Insight near LAX

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    Ideally want to buy on 12/29/10 when I fly into LAX. Must be CVT, completely stock, and 1 owner. Color doesn't matter. Will pay cash. Please contact me ASAP!
  18. 2001 Honda Insight (Detroit Area) for sale

    Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    Hey all, selling my gray 2001 Insight 5-spd w/AC 213k miles and 53.5 MPG over that time. Decent shape.... need to sell! I'm buying a 2011 Insight w/nav, and I want it to go to a good home. I have a set of Blizzak Snow tires and a set of LRR Potenzas that will go with the car. Also a set of...
  19. 3000-2006 Insight Passenger side blue fender skirt for sale

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    I have listed a blue, driver's side Insight fender skirt (spat) for sale on Ebay. Starting price is $20 with no reserve. It was a spare but I have sold my Insight. Ebay Item # 140483517489 Dave in Kansas
  20. For Sale: 2001 Honda Insight with new battery pack - salvage

    Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    Well, the insurance companies wouldn't budge. After being T-boned in the carpool lane on 10/4/2010 by an out-of-control driver, my 2001 Honda Insight has been declared a "total loss". (I was able to drive it off the freeway on three tires and a rim. But the body work repairs are still too...